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Biscan Entertainment Enterprises Inc.

BisCan Entertainment Enterprises Inc.


Production, Promotion, Public Relations

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Biscan Entertainment Enterprises Inc.

Helping to bring Digital Imaging Projects Together

Biscan Entertainment Enterprises is a proven entertainment consulting company with over thirty-five years’ experience in television and film production.  We have a great background in all formats of entertainment production, from a development idea, to production, postproduction, transmission and distribution.  We are specialized in live television remote broadcast and are committed to hard work and quality. Chances are you have already seen some of our work. Professional Tennis on Fox Sports Network and ABC, commercials for the Ford Motor Company, Reality TV The German Bachelor, situation comedies on domestic broadcast networks and cable, music videos for Bon Jovi and country artist Chris Ledoux. Film for Showtime Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Soul to Soul.

Our CEO and President Chris Biscan began his career in nineteen eighty two with the excellent guidance and corporate structure of the Cox Broadcasting Company, WHIO Television a CBS affiliate in Dayton Ohio. Chris has excelled in the areas of broadcast television station network operations, production and programming coordination.

In nineteen eighty-six Biscan relocated to the Los Angeles area to further his career with the United Artist Cable Television Network. His titles included Assistant Programming Manager, Chief Video Engineer, Producer and Director of original programming.  He was also involved in negotiating and fulfilling franchise contract agreements with the cities and non-incorporated towns of Los Angeles County that were being serviced by United Artist Cable Television.  During his time at United Artist Chris Biscan had become known and respected by many of the local governments, community city groups and foundations.

In nineteen eighty-nine Chris left United Artist to expand further into remote television production. From nineteen eighty nine to nineteen ninety three Chris was an Engineer in Charge with National Mobile television. From nineteen ninety three to nineteen ninety nine Chris expanded his remote engineering experience with NEP Inc.  He spent ten years specializing in remote television, engineering, coordinating operations and production management. He has now provided his expertise directly and or indirectly to every major broadcast television network in the United States and has serviced many cable and international broadcasting networks. Receiving credits as Producer, Associate Producer, Production Manager, Technical Producer, Technical Supervision, Engineer in Charge

In nineteen ninety-two Mr. Biscan was presented with a national Emmy Award for his excellence in Technical Team Remote. The award was a result of a ground-breaking body of work that had been done for Indy Car racing and the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN).

Mr. Biscan is also educated in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronics with a minor study in drama. He feels he has a great combination, which allows him to effectively understand and help guide any production to its best performance. Technically, artistically and financially. 

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